Meet Cowlicks Kids Salon

Let me introduce Cowlicks Kids Salon, the place to be for little ones and their parents. We are located in Coconut Creek (Florida), and serve families in all the neighboring communities including but not limited to Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Parkland, Coral Springs, Margate, Fort Lauderdale, Deerfield Beach and Pompano Beach. You might be interested to know what is so special about our kids’ salon, and what makes it so attractive for thousands of families who keep coming back again and again.

To understand that, I invite you to join me on a small trip inside. The first thought you have when you open the doors of our children salon and see brightly painted walls, TV panels showing animated movies and hear relaxing music, is that it is a fun place for kids of different ages. And you are absolutely right. We are such a place! Coming in and looking around you will also notice a special area for your little precious sweethearts, where they can not only play with educational toys, but also interact with each other. Children spend quality time while waiting for their haircut. They relax and feel they are safe in this place and can trust the people who work there. The parents also have something to do while their little munchkins busy playing: check out the toys and hair accessories designed for kids toys.

As an adult you might be surprised to know that a child first haircut can be a huge stress for a child, regardless of whether we are talking about an infant, toddler or an older kid. For adults having a haircut is a way to relax, socialize, or even try a new look. The child perceives everything differently. There is a strange person with scissors, a necessity to sit still in a big chair, and a new environment. Their instincts say it could be dangerous and the fear starts growing. The more parents fuss, the more the child freaks out. What to do and how to break this stressful cycle? Here comes the solution. The entire environment at Cowlicks Kids Salon is aimed at distracting kids from fears and unnecessary thoughts, and turning the haircut procedure into fun and pleasure. Kids will love that their haircuts are not done in boring adult chairs, but in fun cars.

However, you should know that Cowlicks Kids Salon is not only about fun. It is a professional beauty salon with licensed hair professionals, always there for you. They are ready to provide little clients with the highest-quality professional haircut and best service. Moreover, the stylists are specialized in interacting with children with special needs. Due to rich work experience, great kid communication skills and sincere love for children they will make the haircut procedure smooth, fast and pleasant.

What Are We About?

Cowlicks Kids Salon has successfully serviced more than 10,000 families and continue to receive rave reviews and accolades. Cowlicks Kids Salon knows it is possible to offer high qualitiy affordable haircuts and great customer service, in an environment that excites and stimulates children while providing the modern conveniences needed by busy parents.

Warm and experienced stylists will provide a wide range of professional services for kids including haircuts, hair-styling, make-up application, minimanis & pedis, and themed special occasion glamour parties. For added convenience, Cowlicks Kids Salon also offers a boutique carrying only the finest selection of children’s hair-care products and accessories, and novelty gift items.

Cowlicks Kids Salon proudly features their very own Hair Care Products featuring top-of-the-line Sulfate Free, Paraben Free and Tear Free products. Made right here in South Florida and specially formulated for children’s hair, you can feel great about these safe products for your children. Each product smells as great as they work. From Bubblegum Pop! 2-in-1 Shampoo, Strawberry Smoothie Conditioner, Orange Creamsicle Leave-In Conditioner, and Perfectly Peach Detangler Spray, you’ll enjoy smelling your child’s hair each day and love the way it looks! Moms swear by our Cowlicks Creamsicle Leave-In Conditioner to eliminate tangle frustrations. Purchase a bottle and join in the fun.

Every kid deserves to be treated special! To add to your child’s experience, Cowlicks Kids Salon has custom made kiddie cars for the adventurous young ones, and more sophisticated styling chairs for our young adults. Flat screen TVs surround the salon playing the latest age-appropriate movies. Our play area will entertain your children with educational and engaging toys and much more. With a sprinkle of fairy dust or a choice of temporary tattoos, each child will be made to feel like a star!

At Cowlicks Kids Salon, your kids are invited to be kids!


Come check it out!