How often should I bring my child to do a haircut? It is one of the most frequently asked questions at Cow Licks Kids Salon. It depends on the child, the type of kids haircut and how fast the hair grows. However, there are approximate terms for boys haircuts and girls haircuts to be performed. Usually, boy’s hair grows back within four to six weeks. There is an unspoken rule: the shorter the hair is, the sooner you need another haircut. As for the girls, terms can differ a lot. If a girl has a designer haircut, she will need to come back within next few months. If you do just a trim for a girl, three months would be a good time to schedule another appointment for a haircut.


You think, if you grow out the hair of your child, there is no need to come to the kids salon for a haircut. It is not quite right. We recommend getting a haircut at least once every 4-5 months when you let the hair grow. The stylist can always take off just a little, 1-2 inches, making the hair live and beautiful by cutting off the dead ends. It will stimulate health and quick growth of girl’s hair. Moreover, the stylist will recommend professional kids hair care products that will be the best helpers in dealing with combing and girls detangling.


In some cases the haircut has to be done more often than usual. It happens when a child goes to the swimming pool a lot without applying chlorine removal products. The hair becomes dehydrated and so dry that sometimes it even breaks and falls off. Then, there is no other option but cutting off all damaged hair, and start using special hair products for removing chlorine from the hair as well as removing green color.


In Cow Licks Kids Salon we always keep a record of your visits. You can call us and ask what the time of your last visit was. Professional receptionist will be happy to schedule an appointment for your child’s next haircut! You can also walk-in and be accommodated by our professional and passionate team.